Making The Case for Case Studies in Your Content Marketing Strategy

No one knows your product better than you, the marketer. But a prospective customer may not know that your product can work for them unless you show them.

Here’s where case studies can show the reader proof that a customer was satisfied enough to vouch for your product.

Show, Don’t Tell

In an online world where readers have so many choices, original research makes a big difference to show that your content is useful for your audience. Unique content helps drive traffic and leads into your sales funnel. It’s true that a case study takes a significant effort in time and/or money to produce but there are ways of managing your resources so that you can produce one or more case studies during the year.

Plan your case studies over the next quarter so the demand team can plan campaigns around them. It also gives you enough time to research and produce the pieces.

Marketing to a Vertical

Some products are certain shoe-ins for certain industries. Think of PayPal which started as a payment platform for online auctions. Soon PayPal was used for many other applications. For example, rent and real estate payments became so prevalent that PayPal introduced RentPay for real estate agents to process payments.

A case study helps the audience you are trying to reach see how the product works for them.

Why Case Studies?

Case studies are versatile in format and can be a single page project or an in-depth designed piece that runs several pages. This wide range allows case studies to reach many goals such as.

  • Target specific audiences Case studies let you offer unique content for special segments of your audience.
  • Target keywords Research the way readers are looking for topics related to your product. This will let you optimize the case study to take advantage of search.
  • Offer in-depth information In a long case study you can include granular details that can help a reader identify the key selling points of the product.
  • Promote product or service The success of the case study gives you an opportunity to list what you did for the client and why it was successful.
  • Introduce a call to action By the end of the case study, you can leave a message to ask the reader to contact the company for more information.

Case studies take time to produce but they are key cornerstone content pieces that you can create campaigns around to support your demand gen team for the long term.

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