Content Marketing Focus: Storytelling

Look at any content marketing company’s site and it will most likely tell you that they specialize in storytelling. That’s great. It’s expected that a content marketing vendor will communicate the value of your organization and what your products or services do for your customers.

Why is everyone getting behind this year’s buzzword? Is it as we say, expected? Or is it more than that.

One example of an extremely successful content marketing effort by a well-known company is one you may not first think of. It has more than 350 million fans on social media. It has 107.2M followers alone on Instagram who are active.


Drum roll.

It’s National Geographic.

At Social Media Week London 2017, Nadine Heggie, VP of Brand Partnership at National Geographic told conference participants how they built their social strategy and what were the keys to success.

 By staying true to your brand, being timely with content, using the power of wow and wonder, and embracing new technologies to tell stories.

So how does that work for Nat Geo.

Visual Storytelling

With photographs and gorgeous images–a mainstay for its stories and social efforts–National Geographic is a natural for Instagram. It appeals to photographers, nature buffs, adventurers, the curious, people who like to snap photos on their cells. In other words, a wide range of people.

Storytelling comes in several forms:

Blogging–where words tell the story and take advantage of search engines

Visual stories–these appeal to people who are more likely to share images and visual media

Social platforms–here’s where the marketing in content marketing begins


According to an article “Nine Video Marketing Ideas You Can Try In 2018” in Forbes, social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, will be focused on a video-first strategy with plans for significant investments. Which means video programs and consumption won’t be slowing down during the year.

So if you’ve been thinking of doing videos, now’s the time to test that idea you’ve been kicking around. A couple of tips:

  • Repurpose content that has been successful
  • Keep it simple and straightforward
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