6 Corporate Blogs We Like

A great company blog is often the most visible part of a corporate website and the area that receives the most traffic. Since the blog is updated frequently with fresh content, it ranks well with the search engines also.

At the heart of a blog–and content strategy–a blog meets several objectives by engaging readers and giving them relevant information. The icing on the cake is when readers share content and return to find out what’s new.

Some of the blogs that are frequently cited as the best corporate blogs are the following:

JP Morgan Chase

Chase’s News & Stories is like a news magazine you’d read in your spare time. The design is easy to navigate with a mix of visuals and a headline. The trick is Chase is able to refresh and reposition “evergreen content”, material that doesn’t change much but is relevant year after year.

American Express

American Express’ OPEN Forum is clearly for small business professionals. It offers readers a choice of what’s popular and curated stories by the editors. It’s easy to find topics because sometimes you just want to read about a topic and not have to scroll through everything else.



A mattress company, right? What does it talk about? Sleep.

Van Winkle’s

is all about Now it’s time for a nap.

Wait, that’s wrong, it’s time to read about naps. Or, more specifically, about sleep in general.

Casper, the mattress e-commerce company, once had two corporate blogs. One, attached to the Casper website, is very promotional. Its main focus is on company news and the benefits of their mattresses.

Casper’s second blog existed under a completely separate website and name: the cleverly titled Though it recently announced plans to shut down, Van Winkle’s had some great elements that make it one of the year’s best.

In terms of design, Van Winkle’s was pretty no-nonsense. The header was simple, with three article categories, a search feature and social media engagement buttons. A banner up top collected reader email addresses for a newsletter roundup.

New Relic

New Relic’s blog is all about analytics and visibility in its APM, infrastructure and mobile platforms. The articles range from deep-tech, data nerd stories, interviews and coverage of the company’s event, Futurestack. The blog is updated frequently and its articles easy to find and read.

We could go on about our favorite blogs but you get the idea. Here are a few other great blogs we like:





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