GDPR Adoption and the Facebook Data Breach

It’s a little over a month before the GDPR deadline will be in place, but Forrester reports that only 15 percent of B2B marketers are fully compliant with the regulation. The European Union’s regulations for data protection and privacy go into effect on May 25 and will have greater significance now than ever before. According to research by vpnMentor, in the EU only 34% of websites are ready for GDPR.

With Facebook embroiled in a data privacy breach with Cambridge Analytica, the necessity to protect private data is now front and center with social media and marketers.

Why is this important?

In a press release, Cambridge Analytica said that it did nothing wrong. It had licensed 30 million data profiles from the research firm GSR, which were not used for the work Cambridge Analytica did for the presidential election. When Facebook approached the company, it deleted the raw data it had received from GSR.

At issue is that we freely give our data for a free platform where we connect with friends, family and long distance connections. There are 2.2 billion monthly active users on Facebook and the biggest revenue generator is advertising.

What’s more interesting is seeing how Facebook wants to use its data. With the recent data breach, the company has pulled back on its initiative to use medical data to pilot new features.

GDPR has a lot to teach us as marketers. As we market to people who really want our products and services our return and engagement will be higher. It’s a matter of time before data privacy and its protection will be not just for the EU.

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