Original Content–Netflix’s Strategy Looks Good

I’ve been a big fan of Netflix since it started streaming a long time ago. From a watcher of B-movies on TV, I became a consumer of Netflix’s slush pile of movies that became the stand-in for the movies you watch when you just want to chill.

I wasn’t paying a lot for my subscription and I just liked the idea of streaming. I didn’t understand how the technology worked but what it did that I liked so much was it played on my tablet. The potential to be able to move my entertainment with myself was liberating. Honestly, I have only a couple of places where I actually watch on my tablet but it was enough to make me a fan.

Needless to say, rising from the slush pile were the good movies that I saved to my list and watched when my mood took me there.

Because the licensing fees for existing content were so high, we heard chatter that Netflix was looking to create its own original content. Having worked at a licensing company, the concept of throwing off the shackles of licensors was liberating and I got why the company was breaking away.

We began to see this shift in job postings, media articles and finally the Netflix red corner stripe on these movies on our devices. Oops sorry, that would be the yellow corner stripe of the other streaming site. I meant the red logo at the top. I watched my first movie “The Titan.” I chose it because I was intrigued by the plot and the fact that Sam Worthington was in a Netflix-only flick. I liked it and I believe I will try other Netflix-originals. The film was good, the plot was somewhat constrained by budget but the overall quality of production was mainstream level.

With Amazon’s cost for creating an original prequel of The Lord of the Rings projected to be $1 billion, the competition for content creators is stiff.

It’s was a bold move then for Netflix to go for original content and it seems to have paid off. The market’s pleased. The number of subscribers has grown to over 120 million.

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