The Netflix Formula: Great Content and Even Better Digital Marketing

A Statista report shows how the share of TV households with a Netflix subscription in the United States in 2011 rose from 28 percent to 54 percent in 2017. That’s a 92 percent increase.

If you’re like me, you have your Netflix watchlist that’s longer than you can binge in a month. And some of those shows are not so great but still, we watch.

I hardly get marketed to Netflix which is the beauty of subscribing to the platform but the recommendations although not always something I would watch introduce me to new shows. And then at work and my WhatsApp groups, we trade what we should watch next.

My friend asked, “What should I watch now that I’m done with The Crown.”

Someone piped up, “Frankie and Grace” before I could say “Ozark.”

Content = Shows

In Netflix’s case it is the content: the shows that have good production values, are well-written and have tapped into what people want to watch.

Digital marketing = Growth

In addition to producing good shows, Netflix also knows how to use advanced digital marketing techniques to attract new customers and keep existing ones.

Personalizing content

Netflix has a wealth of user data that allows it to personalize how we watch content. The company’s approach to content personalization sets it apart by serving home pages that are unique and tuned to your tastes. Remember the recommendations I mentioned. Even though I get a few doozies, most of them are what I would watch.

If you don’t have Netflix’s deep pockets, you can still create an experience that is based on how your audience likes: smooth UX and relevant content.

Multi-channel approach

Netflix is available on pretty much any device. From PCs to smart televisions, users can access Netflix anywhere. Netflix’s approach to marketing takes advantage of the range of channels it is on. Most new shows are promoted on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and email marketing. So, being where its audience is.

From a streaming platform, Netflix has now become a content creator. In 2018 Netflix plans to spend between $7 billion and $8 billion on content, which is over a $1 billion increase from 2017.

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