Social Engineering Remains a Weak Link In Organizations

Have you received a call that reeked of fishiness? At work? And that went down the line from one desk to the other? It happens pretty often and at least one in 10 employees falls for these social engineering attacks, reports ComputerWeekly.

Email remains the most effective tool for cyber attackers accounting for almost 30% of successful hacks.The report from Positive Technologies wrote that users often don’t check where an email is from before they open it and start clicking on links.

In a separate video article from TechRepublic, reporter Dan Patterson looked further to see what makes executives and IT staffs the biggest targets for cyber attacks.

Ant Pruitt, a tech security writer said that being in an IT department doesn’t mean you are a superuser. In fact, having that ego can get in the way making you vulnerable during a social engineering attack and making a mistake.

As for a likely target, it turns out executives are often frequently targeted–and successful.

To defend against these exploitative attacks, Pruitt said you need to understand it. You need to understand you are not immune and understand your staff.

Some tips: have at least a monthly meeting with the team to discuss the latest attacks and how that impacts your team. Users need to be aware even if they aren’t in the weeds of the technology. And with social media, an attack is often deployed with only one click.

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