Space Scooter: The Crazy New Way To Get Around

By Ant Pruitt

When I I was growing up, getting around town came with options. As a kid, we could walk, roller skate, ride bikes and other things. I remember when the scooter craze started in my neighborhood. The scooter took the joy of the beloved bicycles and skateboard and rolled it into one cool item. The folks at Space Scooter have upped the ante with its fun scooter design which features a pedaling mechanism.

The good folks at Space Scooter dropped a review unit in the mail recently. I was totally surprised by this because I don’t claim to be in the company’s demographic yet I was intrigued. I couldn’t give the Space Scooter a proper review myself, so I recruited one of my children (affectionately known as #hardheadz) to assist me with this demo. Once we got past the raging hurricanes and rain storms, we took the scooter out for some fun trials.
All in all, I think the Space Scooter is rather clever and useful. My son enjoyed it the brief time we had it in our possession.

Here’s a quick video with our look at the Space Scooter via my YouTube channel.

 Have you tried a Space Scooter? WDYT?

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