AI and the Creative Process

It’s hard to talk about AI without being just a little nervous about what it means to our lifestyle, industries we work in and our jobs. Forbes invoked Detective Spooner’s dilemma of having his life saved by a robot in I, Robot because his odds of surviving were statistically higher than that of a girl in the same accident.

Sci-Fi aside, AI does have its benefits when it comes to photography as Ant Pruitt learned. The beauty of AI is that it continues to learn from everyday life with the goal to make (repetitive) tasks easier. Ant shows how Adobe’s AI engine can simplify creative efforts for artists. Yes, even artists have their share of repetitive tasks that need to get done before creative work truly begins.

See How Adobe proved me wrong about AI in photography published first in Tech Republic.

And for more on creative work, watch Ant’s video with the Gaston Arts Council and Creative Pollinators.

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